WATCH: Backpacking Philippines by Mark David Acoba

Travelling has become such a huge thing in our society nowadays and it’s hard not to fall in love with all of the different places that people post about on their social media accounts. Even Mark David Acoba has always been fascinated by those who drop everything and go travel.

David says he personally loves adventures and the idea of exploring something unknown. “For the past months, I’ve been struggling to find inspiration and motivation, so I’ve decided to take a risk, buy a ticket and spend the whole summer traveling in different parts of Europe by living the life in the road to backpacking in the Philippines, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world and enveloped me with mother nature’s wonders,” he shares.

In his unfamiliar progress, Mark has met a lot of different people in many aspects and perspectives in life. This has strengthened his passion in capturing their lives through his eyes and his camera. Check out his travel diary on backpacking in the Philippines here:

Pretty amazing experience, huh? The locations in the video are as follows: Manila – Santiago City – Baler – Sagada Mountain Province – Baguio – Cebu Oslob – Boracay – Palawan ( Coron – Puerto Princesa – El Nido) – Quezon Province – Marinduque

What’s your favorite place in the Philippines? Share your experiences with us! 🙂

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