WATCH: Award-Winning Filipino Film “Birdshot” Is Set To Premiere in Local Cinemas!

Running out of breathtaking local films to watch? Here’s something that will make you appreciate Philippine cinema a lot more. Birdshot, the winner of the “Best Asian Future Film” award during the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival, is set to premiere in local cinemas soon!

The official Facebook page of Birdshot posted the trailer of the film along with the announcement. Check it out:

When a young farm girl wanders off into the boundaries of a reservation forest, she mistakenly shoots a critically endangered and protected Philippine Eagle. As local authorities track down the poacher of the national bird, they uncover a much darker secret.

If you enjoyed the historical epic film Heneral Luna, then you’ll most definitely love Birdshot because it’s produced by the same studio! This mystery-thriller from filmmaker Mikhail Red is sure to be a masterpiece of gorgeous visuals and a socially-relevant plot.

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That amazing trailer is enough to make us look forward to it this year. We can’t wait to see this award-winning film in cinemas! Let’s support Philippine cinema!

What do you think of Birdshot’s trailer? Will you see it in cinemas? Share it with us!

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