WATCH: Atom Araullo Gets Water Splashed on His Face In This Iconic Scene With Cherie Gil

Atom Araullo has always been proving himself to be a man of many talents. He’s a journalist, TV host, model, filmmaker, and an actor.

Now, Atom has shown us more of his insane acting skills with a video he posted on Facebook.

Check it out below:

In the video, Atom re-enacted the iconic “copycat” scene from the classic Pinoy film Bituing Walang Ningning with Cherie Gil herself. It was complete with the famous line that we all love to say to our haters, and even up to splashing water onto Atom’s face.

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In the caption, Atom says:

THE Cherie Gil throws water on my face in a recreation of an iconic film scene from Bituing Walang Ningning. The voice you hear in the background screaming “action”? Legendary director Mike De Leon lang naman. This might be the peak of my existence.

The TV host totally fanboyed having been in a scene with Cherie Gil and being directed by Mike de Leon. He didn’t even mind having that glass of water run up his nose as long as it was from Cherie Gil. How could he, right?

I love that he even describes it as ‘the peak’ of his existence. And I completely agree. That video was legendary.

What did you think of Atom’s version of the iconic scene? Share it with us below!