WATCH: Ate Shawie Is Actually The Avatar According To This Funny Video

Avatar: The Last Airbender isn’t just a cartoon show for kids, but also for grown-ups who fell in love with the childish protagonist with powers who journeys towards bringing peace to the world.

Like all other things, Avatar is not safe from the world wide web and its limitless meme possibilities. Its opening sequence has actually become a meme where various videos of a chosen person are edited together to make them the Avatar. Beyonce was once a victim of this, and now we have our local version.

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In a recent video that has gone viral, Facebook user Dante Layante reimagines the cartoon’s opening sequence and presents the megastar Sharon Cuneta as the legendary Avatar.

It actually makes for quite an interesting and hilarious premise of what could become a local version of the show.

Check it out below:

Dante shares that it was inspired by a Twitter thread by @itsbeben11 about Ate Shawie being the new Avatar.

Watching that video again… there’s honestly nothing more I could say except that it’s so on point and I’m saving it for the days when I’m feeling sad and I need a good laugh.

There’s a reason why she’s called “The Megastar”, you know.

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