WATCH: Ashley Tisdale Did a Cover of Destiny Child’s ‘Say My Name’

Say my name, say my name…

Who remembers this song? This hit song from Destiny’s Child (aka that girl band Beyonce was once in before she became kween of the pop world) is a true 90s classic and is well loved until now. Well, by me, at least.

But it seems Ashley Tisdale is on team Destiny’s Child as well, as she recently did a cover of Say My Name on her music channel. Since her High School Musical days, Ashley has launched her own music career, releasing an album and now turning to the good ol’ internet to spread good music to her fans.

In this episode of her music sessions, Ashley brings on actress and singer Debby Ryan to do a duet with her.

The two gives the pop song a more acoustic touch, with only a guitar in the background as their accompaniment.

Watch the performance here:

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