WATCH: Armless Man ‘Beggar’ Sings For Money, His Talent Blew Away The Crowd

Sometimes, great talent comes in unexpected packages. Take, for example, the story of this armless man who came to a restaurant with a simple proposition: that he be given change that could be spared in exchange for a singing performance. The restaurant’s guests were in awe after his performance. The Facebook page for Julio’s Buffet and Jazz Joint in Tacloban posted about the incident:

armless man is great singer

Watch a video of the actual performance here:

Alan Montilla of Julio’s tells us: “By all means, please do share. I think the man deserves it. He says he used to be a part of a carnival who left him behind. He had to sing to fend for himself. He speaks english well with the right enunciation.”

What can you say about this armless man’s talent?


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