WATCH: Anonymous Netizen Gives Reasons He Doesn’t Want to be Filipino Anymore

A video of an anonymous netizen who introduced himself as Juan Sipag has been making rounds on the Internet.

On the video, he states a list of ten reasons why he doesn’t want about being Filipino. He mainly focuses on the negative traits many relate to Pinoys.

He even mentioned that he would rather want to be from another race as long as it’s not Filipino.

Watch the video below:

Here are the reasons he gave, which he listed down on the video.

1. Crab Mentality: “If I can’t have it, you can’t have it.”

2. Ningas Cogon: “Doing an excellent job at the start but doesn’t deliver well until the end.”

3. Mañana Habit: “Saving for later what can be done now.”

4. Filipino Time: “Meeting is at 6AM then will arrive at 7AM.”

5. Balat Sibuyas: “Correcting one’s mistake, which results in the end that it’s your mistake for doing so.”

6. Pasaway: “Even though they know it’s not allowed, they will still do it.” (rough translation: hard-headed)

7. Colonial Mentality: “Not patronizing our own products.”

8. “Bahala na” Attitude: “Not making plans.”

9. Epal: “Attention seekers.”

10. “Kasalanan mo” Attitude: “Blaming others or fault-finding”

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