WATCH: Americans Try Dinuguan For the First Time

WATCH Americans Try Dinuguan

One of the most common things that we ask foreigners visiting the Philippines is, “Have you tried balut?” Balut, or duck embryo, is our measurement of daring food, forgetting that there’s another dish that’s equally unusual (for other races, I mean): dinuguan. For those not familiar with this savory dish, dinuguan is a stew of meat or offal in pig’s blood, garlic, chili, and vinegar. It sounds unappetizing, but it’s in fact very delicious.

The good people of Buzzfeed decided to try dinuguan for the first time and we were surprised. They actually liked it!

The video starts with them not knowing what it was. When it was explained to them that it’s pig’s blood, some were turned off, while others said they could this every day.

Watch the video below:

What’s your take on dinuguan? Share your thoughts below!

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