WATCH: Americans Do “Tatlong Bibe”… in Bisaya

We’ve seen every possible iteration of the “Tatlong Bibe” song: We’ve seen a classical version, an a capella version, and an EDM version. But have you seen Americans do it? In Bisaya?

The boys of the Hey Joe Show got in on the fun and posted their video online. The Hey Joe Show is composed of Sumner, Connor, Jake, Tylan and Davis, five Americans who spent two years as humanitarian missionaries in Negros, Bohol, and Cebu. The show started when the boys wanted to show the beauty of the Philippines. After featuring their secret obsession with AlDub, they met incoming president Rodrigo Duterte.

Watch the video below:

What’s the best version of the “Tatlong Bibe” you’ve seen? Share it below!

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