WATCH: American Band Sings Up Dharma Down’s Tadhana

Up Dharma Down is a fantastic band. We all know that. They are one of Philippines’ best, and have been recognized not only around Asia, but around the world for their songs. And it seems this singing from California, USA have taken notice, too.

Three-piece band Airspoken recently posted this song cover on their social media channels, mashing-up hits like Julia Michael’s Issues, David Guetta’s 2U, and waitUp Dharma Down’s Tadhana.

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And nope, Justin, Anthony, and Eli, the lads of Airspoken, didn’t translate the song or anything. They actually sang in Tagalog. And despite the heavy American accent through the Tagalog lyrics, the song still sounded pretty good. Just goes to show how Tadhana sounds good no matter what accent you sing it with.

Watch the mash-up below:

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