WATCH: Alex Gonzaga’s Hilarious “5-Minute” Makeup Tutorial

Seriously, who doesn’t love Alex Gonzaga?

The host, singer, and actress is charming, beautiful, and certainly a riot to watch! The naturally funny Alex has also somewhat dabbled recently into vlogging, where she attempted a 5-minute makeup tutorial just in time for date night with her non-showbiz boyfriend, Mikee Morada.

“Attempts” is the keyword — as it turns out, Alex’s intended 5-minute makeup routine, as timed by her boyfriend in the video, takes more than 5 minutes to finish, but it’s just so enjoyable to watch anyway.

For those wondering, her simple makeup routine consists of an eyebrow pencil, a lip and cheek tint, nude lipstick, and some concealer.

Alex is really hilarious to watch, but in all fairness, she did a pretty decent job, even when she thought she didn’t (case in point, her funny “Don’t do this na lang bye” interjection at the end of the video).

What did you think of Alex Gonzaga’s makeup?

Do you have a similar makeup routine?