WATCH: Adam Levine Plays a Cameo Role in Upcoming Movie ‘Fun Mom Dinner’

Is it just me or are there more and more “cool mom” movies coming out lately?

Upcoming comedy film Fun Mom Dinner is about a group of four moms who, between their kids’ play dates and school work, decided to have a fun night out by just themselves. Like a fun mom dinner.

But as you can probably already tell, no innocent dinner out with your fellow mom friends would ever turn into a slightly interesting movie. What types of fiasco would happen along the way, we don’t know yet, but what we do know is that Adam Levine would pop out somewhere in the movie at some point. And that’s good enough reason for us to watch anyway.

Watch the trailer here:

But next time can we have an entire movie with Adam Levine in it instead of small supporting roles and cameos? Pretty please?

Fun Mom Dinner comes out in theaters in August 2017.

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