WATCH: There’s an Actual ‘Sea of Trash’ on Roxas Boulevard

The rain in Manila can get pretty bad – and the pollution even more so. Put both together and you can expect utter hell! Sadly, that is exactly what Tim de Asis experienced earlier today when he passed by Roxas Boulevard.

According to his post on Facebook, the video was taken on the Southbound lane of Roxas Boulevard and the ‘sea of trash’ was actually already knee-deep and the waves were tossing from strong winds despite the fact that it wasn’t even raining when the video was taken.¬†Apparently, the other side was even deeper and dirtier. Watch the depressing video and get a reality check right here:

Tim also took the time to appreciate the two trucks filled with DWPH workers that he wasn’t able to catch in his video, but who were at the scene ready to serve and work in a knee-deep sea of trash. “We see you and we thank you,” he says.

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Tim remains positive despite the experience, though, and urges everyone to start doing everything out of love. “If you put love in all your actions, discipline will come naturally and the right response will come naturally. We’ll end up in another scenario far from this.” Let’s hope so. And let’s please all treat our country better.