WATCH: Aaron Samuels Made a Video for ‘Mean Girls’ Day and It is So Fetch

Last Wednesday was a momentous occasion for chick flick lovers the world over for it celebrated the iconic scene in ‘Mean Girls’ where Aaron Samuels turns around in class and asks Cady what day it is. Her response? “It’s October 3rd”.

To celebrate this day, Jonathan Bennett, who plays Aaron in the movie, posted a video peppered with memorable ‘Mean Girls‘ quotes and including a special message for Lindsay Lohan herself. We are so happy and kilig at the same time.

In the video, Jonathan starts by asking if his hair looks sexy pushed back and then explains why he’s making the video in the first place (spoiler: it’s coz it’s October MF-ing 3rd!). He, of course, gives credit to his co-star Lindsay by saying, “Linds, fourteen years ago today, I asked you what day it was. You could’ve told me to check my phone like a normal person. You could’ve even said, ‘Hey, I dunno, I think it’s October 2nd, but you didn’t. You said, ‘It’s October 3rd.”

He also talks about how significant the day is for the movie’s fans, asks for Lindsay’s number and does a LiLo dance. Gotta love him! Watch the video here:


Did you celebrate ‘Mean Girls’ day? Did you wear pink? It was a Wednesday, after all!

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