WATCH: A Mutiny by Nobodies


There is a world of difference between those who live by the mind or by heart. Those who live by mind value the practical, believe in the logical, and live by the typical. Those who live by heart live by the ideal, believe in the unusual, and value the existential. Those in between are made voiceless, and powerless. Those in between are doomed to remain worthless.


Unless someone dares to topple the regime.


Vorrina Maugerin knows how hard her father works as a street magician just to give her a good education at Preville High. But her side job as his assistant, combined with the overly-competitive atmosphere set by the school’s achievers, is simply too much for the young Vivi to bear. So during one of his shows, she enlists the help of an unsuspecting volunteer named Aliesa, who apparently has her own business to attend to…


Aliesa Dale, now Preville High’s assistant festival chairman, has had enough of lies. That Cassandra Regalia, committee head and aspiring valedictorian, set the standard for what the prestigious school deemed “acceptable.” That James Mercer, an academic achiever and the love of her life, deserved to have his ideals shot down. And that nameless student like the cruelly muted Nerissa Michaelis and the fiercely loyal Dawn Laurens will forever be in the shadow of these two trailblazers.


A paralyzing crime seems to be the only way out. But Aliesa is unaware of a larger game brewing, staged by those who have been in the dark for too long. For though Aliesa knows who the pieces are, the players are concealed behind mundane systems and fantastic spectacles. And she is not the only one who wants change.


Through original music, stunning performances, and breathtaking production design from Benilde’s youngest artists, A Mutiny by Nobodies will challenge the audience to review their identities through the eyes of those around them. This musical will draw the line between “mind” and “heart,” shed light on the “voiced” and the “voiceless,” and paint a picture of the world of “In-Between.


Catch the shows on May 18 at 1pm and 7pm, at the 6/F Benilde Black Box Theater. For ticketing information, visit or contact Vanilla Arucan at 0917-830-9295 or Patricia Bautista at 0917-842-5013.