WATCH: A Bottle of Soda Could Be a Replacement for Fire Extinguisher

A lot of facts are emerging online about how sodas are bad for our health. There were videos stating that these carbonated drinks are fatal and in fact, powerful enough to kills germs found in our sink or toilet bowls.

These drinks contain high sugar content which is not suitable for a healthy lifestyle. It has been proven, as well, that if we don’t manage our intake, we could develop chronic diseases such as Diabetes.

carbonated soft drinks

But this video will make you stack up a few bottles in case of emergency.

A Netizen uploaded a video on how they used a bottle of soda in ceasing the fire. According to Huyen Nguyen, the video will show how one or two bottles of Coca Cola or Pepsi is helpful in case of fire. Should there be a sudden fire, Huyen suggested to do the following:

  • get the bottle or a can of soda
  • open the bottle
  • shake it quickly (the carbon component acts like a fire extinguisher)
  • and spray onto the fire as seen on the video.
  • call the fire department

Watch this helpful video below:

Please share this to everyone you know, you might save one’s life. Personally, I’ve never tried using soda to kill a fire, not even for an experiment.

How about you? Have you tried using it as a fire extinguisher? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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