WATCH: A Beautiful Engagement on the summit of Mt. Pulag

I love to climb just for the kick of it. I love that rush you get when you’re traversing rough roads and huge boulders beside the cliff. Later on, I love the reward of the mesmerizing view from the summit.

A different kind of love and reward was up for this couple when they reached the summit of Mt. Pulag.

Apparently, what they did was a #ClimbToForever.


Here’s the story about the video:


Travel . Together . Love

It was Galvin who planned the hike months before. He did a great job in organizing the team with every details. Little did we know that he’s setting up an engagement proposal to Anjela, at the summit…

We took photos and videos of the entire trip like what hobbyist/bloggers do. It was a challenging task for us because unlike prenups, almost everything must be candid (So Anjela won’t get a hint)

Upon reaching the ranger station, we had our lunch then afterwards did some warm ups before trekking up to camp 2 to pitch our tents (around 7 kilometers). Galvin as the team leader named our group “Climb to Forever”

According to weather forecast, there might be rainfalls in the afternoon, so there’s an expected clear sky, perfect weather and we’ll witness the Pulag’s “Sea of Clouds” in the morning. After reaching camp 2, we pitch our tents then suddenly, it rained so hard so we need to transfer into the nearby kubo. Sad to say it rained from 5pm until 8am the next day. But the harsh weather won’t faze our determination (most of us are first time hikers)
on reaching the summit.

As you can see with the video clips taken on our way to summit, a lot of hazy shots, depressingly dark and gloomy weather showed up. There’s no turning back. It’s our job to capture every moments of Galvin and Anj, and the rest of the team.

The locals are always saying “Expect the unexpected in Pulag”, which really happened on our part.
We successfully reached the top at last with the harsh weather condition. We took group photos, solo shots, selfies. Then here comes Galvin and Anj on taking shots as well. The plan was simple, take photos while they are not facing each other. Then suddenly Galvin knelt on his knee, showed the Ring, told Anj on how he waited for this time to happen, and telling her how much he loves her. Anj seems stunned upon seeing Galvin because she didn’t see it coming. Tears rolled her eyes and she said “yes” to his proposal. And of course the team “Climb for Forever” cheered the two because we’ve reached the summit of Luzon’s highest Mountain, at the same time for a successful engagement proposal. Cheers to more climbs for “Forever

Apparently, #MayForever sa Mt. Pulag! :)

Congratulations, lovebirds!

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