WATCH: 90’s romcom ‘Clueless’ has just become a musical!

Joining the ranks of Mean Girls, Heathers, and Legally Blonde in the chick flick-turned-musical genre comes the iconic movie, Clueless. The newly minted musical adaption just made its off-broadway premiere last December 11.

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According to reviews, the musical’s storyline follows the original script to a T. Which makes sense, since the movie’s director and screenwriter wrote the script for this too. So we can assume the superficial-but-well-meaning Cher gets herself into the same (slightly disastrous) situations, plays the same bad hand at matchmaking, and ends up with the same dorky-cute ex-stepbrother.

While a majority of the cast is relatively new, their Cher does have some fame to her name. The musical is led by Dove Cameron, best known as Amber Von Tussle in NBC’s Hairspray Live. She was also Sophie from Mamma Mia in 2017’s Hollywood Bowl as well as Mal in Disney’s Descendants. 

Something interesting about this adaptation is that it uses the music of ’90s instead of having an original book. Some artists featured are N’ Sync, Spin Doctors and En Vogue. But this isn’t your typical jukebox musical — the tune stays the same but the lyrics are changed. If you don’t really get what that means, check out the video below:

How do you think this is going to compare to the original film? 


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