WATCH: 4 Year Old Star of Viral Video Meets President Duterte

The appeal of then Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte seems to reach far and wide, including Ethan Richmond, a 4 year old half-Filipino half-British kid. In a video that went viral before the elections, the little kid is seen trying to call Duterte from a walkie-talkie to ask him to catch all the bad guys.

When Duterte was proclaimed the president of the Philippines, Richmond and his mom Mylene flew to the Philippines last week to catch a glimpse of the president in Davao. They didn’t see him, and Richmond was so upset that he said Duterte isn’t real.

However, the president personally invited the boy to visit him in Malacañang Palace for a private meet-and-greet. Cuteness ensued.

According to Mylene on Facebook, “Even the typically noisy little Ethan became shy and timid (for the first time lol!!). I asked him later in the car if he was feeling ok as he was rather quiet during the meeting with Tatay Digong. He said he was “very nervous” Tatay Digong was ‘SO REAL.'”

The president even told the boy, “You’re going to be a great guy someday.”

Watch the video below:

Here’s the video of Richmond that became viral:

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