WATCH: 25-year-old American creates a tribute for the Philippines he now calls home

There’s so much to love about the Philippines. It’s no surprise why foreigners want to move and start a life here – with reasons such as its warm people, genuine hospitality, beautiful scenic spots and more.

25-year old Aaron Lapkin first came to the Philippines last year from Colorado, USA, because he wanted to learn how to make films. His brother was a great influence in following his footsteps in the arts – while Lapkin was teaching in China, he observed and admired how his brother succeed as a writer in Hollywood for a reputable production studio.

“It made me want to follow this dream of becoming a director,” Lapkin tells WHEN IN MANILA.

In September 2017, he officially moved to the country. Other than securing an internship where he honed his skill in videography, photography and directing, he first worked as a volunteer photographer/journalist in Palawan and has worked with different film studios – which included being an assistant director and a director of photography. Just recently, he opened his own film studio!

“With the goal of supporting Filipino cinema, we offer filmmaking workshops, rental services for film students, and video production,” he explains.

He created this video for his love for the Philippines, and says that the country “changed his life”, and is happy to call it his “place of residence”.

“I made this film because I want Filipinos to take pride in themselves. Filipino people are the most creative people in the world and it shows in their arts,” he exclaims. “The video I posted is a true story, and I just wanted to share it so people could understand that i think the best part of the Philippines is just laughing and talking and sharing experiences with other Filipinos.”

Watch the video above and be inspired!

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