Warning to Real Estate Agents: Beware of Modus From Bogus Buyers

A few days ago, we started getting word of this new modus by a real estate buyer who allegedly scams the different agents. While there is no finite proof yet as she has yet to go through an actual hearing, we wish to share her “style” in tricking people to make others more aware. Please read the stories below.

bogus buyer

To all my friends in Real Estate Industry, Please spread this picture of a Bogus Buyer. Modus nya po ang manghingi ng 1,000.00 – 2,000.00 cash sa mga agents after nya magfill out ng Reservation Documents and magbigay ng Reservation Check sa victim nya. Itetext or Sasabihin nya na magrereserve na sya sa ibang developer pero interesado rin sya sa project na hawak mo may ipapakita syang mga proof na nag-inquire sya sa iba. Hihingan ka nya ng kapalit ng reservation nya, dahil anniversary daw nila ng husband nya or birthday ibibili nya daw ng cake, lechon etc. Kukulitin ka nya at Dadaanin ka nya sa maamo nyang mukha. The day after ng appointment nyo hnd na sya magpaparamdam sayo. Then bounce checked pla ang binigay nya sayo. Paki share nalang po sa mga friends or kakilala nyo in this industry. Specially sa mga innocent Sales agents na nabibiktima at walang Ibang goal kundi ang bumenta para sa mga pangarap nila. Hindi nila kayang tumbasan ang time and effort na binibigay namin makakuha lang ng clients/ investor. Kahit masakit na ang paa, nakatayo parin. Dahil mahal po namin ang trabaho namin kahit gaano kahirap. Real Estate Agents/ Sales person/ Consultant/ Account Manager etc.. Ano pa man ang itawag samin PROFESSIONAL po kami. This picture belongs to my friend from other developer na nabiktima rin. Thank you. God bless and Happy Selling

Another broker, Eya M. shares a similar experience with the same person earlier last year,

“This incident happened to my mom last July 2014.

This lady in the photo presented herself as a buyer of our property (house and lot) in Mendez Cavite. She introduced herself as Virginia (Virgie) Manalang who has an engineer husband in Australia that has cancer and has monthly pensions that is why she claimed that they have enough funds to buy real estate. She befriended my mom, aunt and my aunt’s broker friend who initially met her first and eventually brought her to my mom because of the real estate deal.

On July 2014 she went to our house in Taguig and she said they have decided to purchase the property and willing to give my mom an initial (earnest money) payment. She issued a UCPB Shangrila EDSA branch check amounting to PHP 800K+ and told my mom and sister that she has her own lawyer and she insisted that they will be the one to draft the deed of sale. She asked for PHP 5,000 cash from my mom and sister for the attorney’s fees and notarial fees and asked for my mom’s valid ID’s for notary purposes. Mom gave her photocopies with her specimen signature over her printed name (her own handwriting).

Bogus Real Estate Buyer (01)All information is fake/ copied from someone else

I don’t know how she tricked my mom and sister with that kind of set up because the common practice is that the seller is the one who will draft the deed of sale and ask for the buyer valid IDs. I think she can manipulate people by either hypnotizing her victims or “budol-budol” so she can ask whatever she want from the victim.

The next day my mom deposited the check to her Chinabank account and after three days she was contacted by her bank and advised her that the check bounced. That’s the only time she came to her senses that the person scammed her. She went to UCPB Shangrila Edsa branch and inquired however due to bank-client security thing they cannot disclose information but confirmed to my mom that the owner of the account is not Virgie Manalang and the account owner is just in her mid 20’s-30’s. So definitely not the Virgie Manalang she met.

That “Virgie Manalang” took home Php 5,000 and our dog Pampi (half Pom half askal) because she told my mom she loves dogs (she actually was asking for my dog Summer a Shih Tzu but mom declined to give it to her because Summer is mine – thank God). I do not know what happened to Pampi after that night but I pray she is well taken care of.

Since July 2014 up to September 2015 there were already at least four real estate agents that went to our home address looking for my mom regarding a condo or house and lot she reserved/ purchased (but she actually never did) because this lady took her identity and forging my mom’s signature and scamming real estate agents asking for 1,000-2,000 per agent. This is what she usually do with her agent victims – after she hands over the check for reservation that she wrote (that for sure doesn’t have funds or came from stolen checkbooks) she will then start telling the agent that she doesn’t have cash with her and it’s so happen that it’s their wedding anniversary then will “borrow” money from the agent to buy cake.

Yes, she is a small time scammer but she is getting enough money per day I believe because she goes around the Metro a lot looking for potential victims.

We wanted to post this story since last year but we didn’t have a clear photo of her so we just let it go but this morning my cousin’s wife who is a real estate agent shared a photo on her facebook account claiming that this lady scammed her so I finally decided to put our story here in Facebook on the hope of catching this culprit. If only this person used my mom’s identity in scamming my cousin’s wife we could’ve apprehended this lady but she used her Virgie Manalang alias again.

We hope that this post will help us catch this woman who scams Real Estate agents and stole my mom’s identity.”

So to anyone who’s into real estate, or any business at all, please beware of such tricks and stolen identities. Does this woman sound familiar to you?

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