WANTED: Japan is Looking For Full-Time Ninjas!

WANTED Japan is Looking For Full-Time Ninjas!

Did you have dreams of becoming a ninja? That dream may be a reality because a Japanese town is looking for full-time ninjas.

Kind of.

The Aichi Prefecture is looking for six candidates who can be a martial-arts master from the feudal times, except it’s for tourism purposes.

The six lucky ninjas will undergo a one-month training course in April, and will receive a one-year contract with a monthly salary of Y180,000 (roughly P73,781.72) plus bonus.

The lucky six will promote tourism, do backward handsprings, dance moves, and acrobatics, and show off their skills in using the shuriken (ninja star). They will also pose with tourists for photos.

The prefecture is looking for people who enjoy being in the spotlight, and who speak Japanese. Non-Japanese speakers may also apply, as long as they are passionate about history and tourism.

Applicants must send their applications until March 22. Men and women above 18 may apply. There is no preferred nationality.

Are you thinking of applying? Share your thoughts below!

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