Want To End Malnutrition in the Philippines? Check “Restaurants Against Hunger”

Words by Camille Geguera

Photos by Jeff Pascual 

Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organization which focuses on how to eradicate malnutrition and leads the fight against world hunger, launched Restaurants Against Hunger with the purpose of uniting restaurants, entrepreneurs, and foodies to join their initiative of solving malnutrition in the Philippines.

This campaign starts on October 1, 2018 until December 1, 2018. Restaurants Against Hunger has been implemented in Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Peru, Spain, United Kingdom, and the USA.

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Why Malnutrition? 

According to the latest survey of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology, around 33.4% or 3.8 million Filipino children are identified to have chronic malnutrition while 7.1% or 800,000 Filipino children are suffering from acute malnutrition.

Chronic malnutrition, or stunting,  refers to poor nutrition during early childhood which severely affects the cognitive development. On the other hand, acute malnutrition, or wasting, refers to the micro-nutrient deficiency which results in rapid weight loss or failure to gain weight. Those with acute malnutrition may have weak immunity and long-term developmental delays.

How does it work? 

The mechanics of the campaign are simple. All interested participants, be it restaurants, online food entrepreneurs, fast food chains or food kiosks, may sign up at www.restaurantsagainsthungerphilippines.org. Participants may choose one or more dish from their menu to be part of the campaign. Every time a customer orders that specific dish during the campaign period of Oct. 1 to Dec. 1, 2018, a portion of the profit goes to the projects. For the diners, Make sure to look for the dishes with the label Food That Feed More.

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The participants this year are Alba Restaurante Español, Aracama, Azuthai, Café Mediterranean, Calderon, Chef Laudico OK Café, Chelsea Kitchen, Chotto Matte/Izakaya Sensu, Corner Tree Café, Cyma, Friends & Family/Coconut Club, Green Pastures, Grilla, Ikomai, Ilustrado, Kabila, Museum Café, Providore, Saboten, Sangkap, Simple Lang, Sobremesa, Terraz Bistro & Meetings, Terry’s Bistro, The Old Spaghetti House, The Shrimp Shack, Wild Ginger, and The Bistro Group. Restaurants Against Hunger hopes to tap more participants this year.

What are the previous programs of Restaurants Against Hunger? 

The campaign was able to reach 206,613 Marawi locals, wherein nutrition screening was done, as well as the distribution of food aid and hygiene kits. The rural areas of Masbate, North Cotabato, and Maguindanao were able to access clean water and hygiene promotion sessions through the Water, Sanitation and, Hygiene projects. Livelihood projects in Zamboanga City were conducted to help the internally displaced people of the 2013 siege.

Action Against Hunger

Website: www.restaurantsagainsthungerphilippines.org

Facebook: @RestaurantsAgainstHungerPH and @ActionAgainstHungerPH

Instagram: @RestaurantsAgainstHungerPH

Twitter: #EndHungerPH