Want to Get a Shirt for Your Squad?

Words by Therese Justine Bruel / Photos by Kitkat Tan

The WIM Squad is among the most awesome communities I’m a part of! The people I’ve met there are supportive and open, and they’re like-minded, so that makes it a breeding ground for opportunities. Naturally, when you’re part of a community that welcomes you and opens doors for you, you would want nothing more than to show the world that you belong in the squad, right?

Well, guess what? We gave away WIM Squad shirts to make everyone wearing them really feel that they’re part of the squad!

WIM Squad Shirts

Featuring shirts from Fruit of the Loom: a company that has it all when it comes to promotional garments! From basic tees to long-sleeved shirts, polos to sleeveless tanks, sweats to hoodies—Fruit of the Loom has it in all the sizes and colors imaginable!

So, if you have an organization that you want a uniform for, or if you want to get a batch shirt done before graduation, or if you really just want people to know that you and your friends are part of the same squad; you know who to hit up.

WIM Squad Shirts

Fruit of the Loom doesn’t just stop there, either. Their shirts are the embodiment of quality, too! Made from incredible materials, these shirts will satisfy all of your needs. If you want a lightweight shirt that helps you fight through the Philippine heat, get ready to embrace the breeze because that’s all you’ll feel! They’re comfortable and super soft, too.

Quality’s ensured because Fruit of the Loom manages and takes care of everything: from the materials they use to the suppliers they work with to how they treat and respect their workers (because happy workers = happy products!).

WIM Squad Shirts

And guess what? Even though their heart-of-operations is situated in the United Kingdom, that doesn’t exclude us Filipinos (or anyone in the world, really!) from availing of their products. Fruit of the Loom makes sure that they have suppliers everywhere in the world to provide you with as many products as you want when you want them! So what are you waiting for? Get a shirt now and look like you’re part of the squad!

Get free shipping when you buy Fruit in the Loom T-shirts with just a minimum of Php250 on Shopee! You can shop here!

Fruit of the Loom

(02) 313 6747 | 0917 9316 555


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fruitoftheloom.philippines


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