Wander Space: Lose Yourself in This Cafe / Retail Store in Maginhawa

Words by Fe Esperanza Trampe (@fehnstagram)

It’s easy to lose yourself among the many food options along the stretch of Maginhawa. On an otherwise rainy day, we found ourselves at a spot along the famous street we wouldn’t mind losing ourselves in for hours on end.

Wander Space 2

The Wander Space isn’t your typical Maginhawa find. If anything, it’s a home for the lost. It’s a retail store that houses products from over fifty local brands. Take a few more steps inside, and it’s also a cafe.

Wander Space 7

Great things happen when you let yourself wander far, and the Wander Space is a testament to that. In June of last year, this haven was but a concept in the minds of two souls who have gone far and wide. Now, it’s a sanctuary for the young and old alike.

Wander Space 18

Inspired by their many travels, the brains behind The Wander Space wanted to put up a store that catered to fans of travel and the arts. Up for grabs are a variety of tools for every kind of traveller – from dry bags to surf wear to pillows and notebooks. For those who can’t afford to go far, there are postcards, too.

Wander Space 5

A number of art pieces pop up all over the warm retail space. Many of them are for sale, as well. There are dream catchers and cacti, and some of the most intricately made artworks and handicrafts from only the best independent artists in the local scene.

Wander Space 4

It’s hard to walk past all that Wander Space has to offer without going on a shopping spree right there and then. Well, hold on to your horses. There’s more in the back.

Wander Space 20

Take a step beyond the curtains and welcome yourself to your new home. This chill space was inspired by common rooms most often found in hostels. You can sit here for hours at a time and the staff won’t mind. They’ll even treat you like family.

Wander Space 1

The Wander Space doesn’t have its own kitchen, but you’re in for quite a treat. In the same way that each item for sale is meticulously curated to fit the store’s unique concept, so is each slice of bread and cup of coffee on their menu. Their pastries and drinks are sourced only from the best chefs and bakers.

Wander Space 13

Each of their baked goods is best paired with a soothing drink.

The iced coffee will wake you up and chill you out all in one sip. If you’re looking for something different, Southern Folk’s Iced Cacao Tea puts the best of coffee and tea together in one delightful concoction. If neither is your drift, opt for a classic bottle of fresh milk. You can never go wrong with that.

Wander Space 12

On rainy days, nothing can beat the sweet taste of hot chocolate. Choose from the salty but sweet surprise in the Reggiano sticky bun, the chewy sensation that good old s’mores can bring, or the explosion of flavors in every bite of the nutella cream cheese brownie when drinking one of these babies. It’s a hard decision to make, but one you will not regret either way.

Wander Space 11

If you find yourself in a rut, those at the Wander Space will be glad to help you out. Their menu lists each of their sumptuous drinks with two or three suggestions that will go best with them. Whichever one you end up choosing comes with your order at the same price.

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