Wallet Returned to Its Rightful Owner, Thanks to Facebook Search

How many times have you found a wallet? Now, how many times were you able to return it to its rightful owner? Also, how much effort would you go through to make sure that the owner gets it back?

I have personally never found a wallet before, though I have lost mine quite a few times. Fortunately enough for me, a friend always found mine or I had an ID in my wallet with my address in the back. What if you don’t have an ID with your address on it, though? Most people would usually lose hope and just give up on the thought of ever getting their wallet back. That’s probably how netizen Carlo Ang de Leon felt when he recently lost his wallet.

However, he just shared his story with us on how he got his wallet back after losing it. Apparently, upon finding his wallet, the people who found his wallet actually searched for him on Facebook in order to be able to return it to him. And the thing is: Carlo doesn’t even use his full name on Facebook, so searching for him can be quite difficult!

wallet restored facebook search

Carlo shares:

Kuya Eddie Sy (left) and Kuya Ryan Martinez (right) who happened to be Kagawads were the people who found my wallet (that I accidentally dropped when I stepped out of my vehicle) while they were walking on the dark pavements of P. Florentino. Ate Merian, the lady in this picture, was the one who searched for me here on Facebook. She added me and my niece upon finally getting the chance to find my account. I don’t know how she did that considering that my cards display my complete name. These people deserve this post and be known for helping me restore my faith in humanity.

These people have shown me KINDNESS and HONESTY given the fact that I am a stranger to them and they are strangers to me, too. The fact that they were able to find me means that their gesture is indeed pure – no.1 factor is that I am difficult to find on Facebook if you will search me using my complete name. Two, they would have had the chance of just keeping my wallet and get the money from it, but no, they didn’t; the incident was logged on the pages of the blotter record in their Barangay Hall – all money and cards were accounted for.

Apart from the words that I keep on saying almost endlessly, you have earned RESPECT from the world. I am showing our picture to the world for them to know that people like you are still existing.

Maraming maraming salamat po ulit sa inyo.

Faith in humanity restored once again!

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