This Land Serves No Lord: Artist-Advocates Release Album About Peasant Landlessness in the Philippines

Two days after the 50th anniversary of Presidential Decree 27, the fake land reform program of the Marcos Sr. dictatorship, Artista ng Rebolusyong Pangkultura (ARPAK), a Metro Manila-based artist organization that supports farmers’ calls for genuine agrarian reform, food security, and rural
development, releases 13-track album “Walang Panginoon ang Lupa.”

The Philippines is facing a food crisis. The prices of food and other basic commodities are constantly rising, but the income of farmers is not increasing and even falling. In addition to global factors, including the pandemic and proxy wars, such as in Ukraine, the country’s food insecurity is rooted in its local agricultural crisis. This crisis is the result of foreign dependence/domination and land monopoly. These in turn are the product of many neoliberal policies and fake land reforms implemented by previous regimes, including Marcos Sr’s PD27.

In the midst of worsening food and agriculture crises, there is no sign that the current regime will implement any patriotic and genuine agrarian policies.

Walang Panginoon ang Lupa CD

ARPAK stands with farmers in their fight to end the situation that drags them into extreme hunger and poverty. People’s artists are involved in highlighting and promoting real solutions to the crisis: stopping liberalization and foreign dominance in food; implementing real land reform; achieving fair prices and wages; strengthening Philippine agriculture; developing rural and national industries; ensuring adequate and immediate support and aid; and promoting the democratic rights of the people.

In commemoration of October Peasant Month 2022 and amid worsening hunger in the Philippines, ARPAK is releasing “Walang Panginoon ang Lupa.” The album features tracks from switchbitch, Run Deliks, DJ Lovebug, Pry, Shockpoint, Limbs, FLESHWOUND, gallows, hack.//administrator, spore, and Asoge.

The album underlines feudalism—the monopolistic grip of local landlords and the landless or near landless state of nine out of 10 farmers—as one of the roots of widespread poverty and chronic hunger in the Philippines. Besides showing the semi-feudal conditions of Filipino farmers, “Walang Paningong ang Lupa” is ARPAK’s way to invite artists to participate directly in the farmers’ fight for genuine land reform, food security, and rural development.

The album can be streamed and downloaded for FREE on Bandcamp:

All of the proceeds from the CD sales go to farmers and their campaign for food, land, and justice.

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