Walang Iwanan Alliance: Pilipino Para Sa Pilipino

We are now at a point when the growing hunger of our neighbors in Metro Manila is beyond debate or recrimination. With 3 million already experiencing hunger and more being added daily —  despite everything that government and the private sector have been doing thus far —  our only justifiable question is, “What can we do?

While millions are experiencing hunger and more feeling threatened, there appears an overwhelming challenge. The reality, however, is that many more millions are not hungry or will never go hungry. If 3 million experience hunger, there are at least 3 million who can save them from hunger. If more are threatened by hunger, millions more are not and can save them from hunger.

There might have been times in the history of Metro Manila when government assistance and many initiatives of the private sector, including the religious, may have kept hunger at bay. Today, though, is completely different. The Covid-19 pandemic is relentlessly limiting options for everyone, dimming possible reasons for real hope. It’s a drastic situation akin to being hit by a destructive calamity. It deserves help not just from a few but requires help from all who can.


Photo from Walang Iwanan Alliance

Millions of us do not realize that the answer is in our hands, in the hands of every Filipino.  It takes 20 pesos a day to feed a child with one meal, and 30 pesos for an adult, so Php25 on average. Millions of us can afford Php25 each day to rescue a hungry Filipino in our neighborhoods. Every single day. From millions who are not hungry and not afraid of going hungry.


Photo from Walang Iwanan Alliance

Join in the ranks of those who first supported our goals of mitigating hunger. Be one with our allies, Globe Telecom, AAI Foundation, Gawad Kalinga, Ateneo de Manila, When in Manila, and others who continue to grow our ranks every day.

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Photo from Walang Iwanan Alliance

In our hands, every day.

Kung hindi gutom, kayang tumulong.