VRush: Deliver your Packages on the Dot!

Time is as cliché as it can be – gold.  With the traffic condition in our country worsening, the best way to beat it at times is to stay put or travel hours before your scheduled appointment. But, what if you needed to submit an important document to your client’s office within the next 4 hours and you’re stuck in your own office for an equally important meeting? 

The travel time would definitely keep you from doing both, so you’d end up choosing either one. Imagine if you could do both. That would be super amazing!


vRush is the only courier service that offers almost instantaneous ‘pick-up to drop-off’ delivery service within metro Manila. It’s so convenient and fast their ‘Rush’ service is monitored to be picked up and delivered within 4 hours from the time of request.  It’s like having your own messenger on call.

If your important item can wait till the next day, vRush also has the regular next day delivery service interestingly called ‘Next Day Service’.

Now, with the variety of courier services out there, it is important to know the advantages of each one of them. Know why you’ve chosen a particular service and know if their goals are aligned with what you are trying to achieve.  Are you trying to send something somewhere ASAP? Are you sensitive to time and delivery? Are you price conscious? If you feel strongly about the three, then what you’re looking for is vRush.

On top of that, vRush is the only courier service who will take care of the client’s packaging; leaving you with nothing to worry about. So, if you need to send something out, just call vRush and they will pick up the item as is.

Check out www.vrush.ph to register for free using your computer or smart phone. Register today and have your first item delivered for free.

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