Who Should WIN the GOLDEN KUBETA AWARD? Vote Now for the Cleanest Toilets This 2016!

Here’s a horror story: Imagine you’re out with your friends or with a date, and you feel the sudden urge to poop. You go to the nearest restroom and find something scary: the restroom is dirty, there’s no tissue, and the flush isn’t working. I don’t know about you, but I would rather be trapped in a room with zombies than deal with this.


Earlier this month, we made a list of the five qualities of a Christmas-ready toilet. According to our list, a Christmas-ready toilet should be clean, should have amenities, should smell good, should have enough space and should have plenty of water  (for flushing and washing). Ultimately, “our toilet is a reflection of who we are” so  having clean, well maintained toilets is an absolute must, especially if you’re an establishment that services guests on a daily basis. Your toilet creates a strong impression on your clients. Personally, when a toilet is clean, I feel that the establishment is thoughtful enough to really make me feel comfortable and valued. I feel that they really care for me and my well-being. Also, it is one of the deciding factors whether or not, I (as customer) will visit the establishment  again. 

Basta malinis, laging may tissue, at maraming tubig, winner na  yun!

I’m sure you’ll agree that we all deserve better and cleaner public toilets. That’s why we partnered with Maynilad in their effort to encourage and inspire more establishments to provide cleaner/better public toilets around the Philippines by showcasing the country’s cleanest and most beautiful comfort rooms. Furthermore, we believe that this campaign is also a great way to create public awareness on the importance of having clean toilets not just in public places, but most especially in our own homes.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the people behind Shittable ba? for helping out with the nominations, and for being a prime influencer in promoting the value of having clean public toilets in the country. Let’s help spread the message and their cause to highlight the importance of bringing comfort back to “comfort room.” Follow @shittableba (www.instagram.com/shittableba) on Instagram and their official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/shittablebaph) for more updates.

Last time we posted, we also asked you to send in your nominations for the cleanest toilet! Shittable ba? Out of the dozens of nominations we received, we chose the 12 cleanest toilets, and you can now vote for your favorite to win the Golden Kubeta Award!

Based on your nominations, here are the 12 cleanest toilets in the country! Vote na!


Voting period will be until January 6, 2017!

Special Thanks to ShittableBa? for helping us out with the nominations =)

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