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WhenInManila.com has nothing but love for wonderful organizations that try to extend a helping hand to those who need it the most! We’re especially proud to have been able to meet the creators of Jeepney Magazine!

The Jeepney Magazine is a street magazine modeled after the 200+ street magazines in the world. Street papers are independent newspapers and magazines that provide unique employment opportunities.

Jeepney Magazine is the first street paper in developing Asia. Jeepney Magazines are sold at Php100 per copy, of which Php50 goes to the vendor selling the paper.

So, when you buy a street paper, you actually do much more than just contribute to the vendor’s chances of escaping homelessness; you are also helping finance a support system for many more excluded people, something that giving spare change to a beggar simply does not do.

“The Jeepney Magazine” is a Filipino “street paper” published by the Urban Opportunities for Change, Foundation Inc.

Jeepney has one overriding goal: to create and provide jobs for the homeless community that meets or exceeds the minimum wage.

Jeepney puts into practice real and effective entrepreneurship. They provide street and homeless people capital in the way of magazines. They provide training and education on direct sales. Their self-employed vendors learn the value of saving. They learn how to set sales goals. They learn how to relate and interact with people. They experience a sense of dignity and self-worth.

Street papers are a new idea in Asia. However, they have proven themselves in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia as a viable method of poverty alleviation. Jeepney is the first street paper among Asian’s developing countries. Governments the world over, including the United Nations, have recognized “street papers” as an effective way to reintegrate homeless people and those trapped in drug and alcohol addictions back into society.

Get involved! Alleviate poverty in the Philippines by reading the Jeepney Magazine.

When In Manila, please do pick up a copy of Jeepney Magazine! You’re not only getting great literature; you’re also doing your part in helping those that need it the most! Check out the info below to see how you can donate resources or volunteer your time to this charity.

Jeepney Magazine


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