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Join the BEST and ONLY Voice Acting school in the Philippines!


Every Saturday this January, I will be taking Voice Acting lessons from the best in the industry, headed by our Tek Tok TV producer Pocholo Gonzales. I have been so amazed at how he transforms his voice into art and I decided to better my voice skills by joining his workshop.




Pocholo Gonzales, Voice Master of the Philippines and Tek Tok TV Producer

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Visit Tek Tok TV archives at TekTokTV.com

One reason why I’m joining is because I auditioned for a “voice” to be used in an upcoming SEGA game.  Yes, some of the voices you hear on a few video cames are actually dubbed right here in the Philippines!  Isn’t that amazing!?!


Won’t it be cool to hear your own voice when you play a game?



So I tried to audition for a voice role and realized that I don’t know any technique at all!  I decided the best way to acquire the skill of voice acting is to learn it via CreatiVoices.



You can still register! Call 239-6468 now for fast registration and visit their official website for more details.




You can be part of an 8-week long seminar that will do wonders for the way you speak and perform. If you’ve always wanted to become a voice artist for radio and tv commer cial, dubber for telenovelas and anime, or improve how people listen to you speak, then this is the way to go!


VoiceWorx! has been running for a few years now and it brings you the force of voice acting within reach. Learn the art of voice acting and voice overs in a fun environment, guaranteed to bring out the creative juices within you.



What is a Voice-Over?


” A voice over is any recording or performance by one or more unseen voices for the purpose of communicating a message” – James Alburger. Any message you hear without seeing the performer is considered to be voice-over. This means voice-over is all around us! Whether you are listening to the radio, watching movies or television, dining at your fast food restaurant or riding the rail transit, voice-overs can be heard!



Is doing Voice-overs hard?


Voice-overs can actually be done by anyone! And it’s a very rewarding job indeed. A lot of Voice Talents are being paid to play and many professional voice-overs get their kick out of the industry just by enjoying what they do. Anybody can do a voice-over, but not everybody can do voice acting.



So what is Voice Acting?


Voice acting is an art. And like all other art forms it has tools and techniques which must be mastered in order for you to succeed in the level of success you want to deserve. Its about finding the kid in you. It requires dedication and passion for doing Voice-over jobs, and lots of patience to master the skills. True, not everyone can do voice acting, but anybody can benefit from learning how it works. In fact, many of the students in Creativoices Clinic don’t pursue voice-over jobs, but need the voice acting skills to further themselves in their chosen field.



How do I benefit from Voice Acting lessons?


If you want to break into the world of voice-overs, then voice acting is a must for you.

By knowing how to express yourself properly, you can create real and believable characters for commercials, narrations, radio drama and most especially animation. With voice acting you can liven up a conversation and get the attention you want, whether its on a business or a personal level. If you or your job requires you to:


  1. Communicate with other people on the same or higher business level.
  2. Prepare Scripts, Write-ups or Citations for Productions
  3. Talk to customers or clients and close business deals fast and efficient.
  4. Constantly talk to other people and associates by way of declamation, speech or impromptu performance.
  5. Or maybe you love to sing, host or perform for an audience.
  6. Express yourself in a creative and entertaining manner.



Who can do Voice-Acting?


Anyone who needs to talk can communicate better when he/she uses voice acting techniques. Which means that even salespersons, promodizers, carpenters, engineers, attorneys, teachers, draftsmen, doctors, nurses, utility personnel, front desk officers, etc.. can learn voice acting, and benefit from expressing or communicating properly and creatively, with their peers.



What about Creativoices Clinic?


Creativoices Clinic is one of the departments of Creativoices Productions – the premier voice over solutions provider in the country. And it is now offering the Creative Voice Acting Workshop, the only one of its kind in the Philippines today. There are many voice acting schools abroad and many Voice talents offering “experience” based teaching, but none offers a detailed and thorough application and training by book and modules like Creativoices Clinic.



What do I expect from the training?


In Creative Voice Acting Workshop, you’ll get:


  1. Personalized, one on one voice coaching and training throughout the workshop – from real and credible Voice Acting Professionals
  2. Information you need to know to become a successful voice actor and communicator.
  3. Create real and believable characters from within you and learn how to bring them back when needed.
  4. Training materials and assignments to keep you at pace with the workshop and rapidly develop your voice acting skills.
  5. Professional Critiques to hear and identify your voice qualities and problems.
  6. Knowledge on how to self-market and promote your talent, professionally.



How does it work?


The workshop lasts for about 2-3 intensive hours each session, once a week.

There are 3 training modules divided into 8 sessions and categories:


Session 1: The Voice That Works
Session 2: Starting Over – What it takes to be a voice talent
Session 3: Accents, Dictions, Variety, Articulation and Movement. How to Create Voices.
Session 4: Translation and Effective Dubbing delivery
Session 5: Creating interesting and unique character voices for Dubbing
Session 6: Actors acting. Working with Dubbing dialogues and multi-voice copies.
Session 7: Fine tuning your performance, Dubbing Sessions and VO Best Kept Secrets

Session 8: One-on-One Mock Auditions with Critique board and Q & A forum



How do I Join?


Sign-up now by clicking on the link below:



Voiceworx offers so much more than just learning to read with a professional sounding voice.

You will also learn…


  • to interprete the copy.
  • effective pacing and pausing.
  • proper inflection.
  • enunciation and articulation.
  • reading faster but still legible.
  • vocal and facial exercises to keep your muscles limber.
  • tricks to get those facial muscles to work when they don’t want to.
  • and, various microphone techniques that will dramatically change the way you sound.
  • Plus…
  • Script Writing/Translating/Re-writing
  • Voice-Acting, Voice Directing and Dubbing
  • Actual Dubbing and Radio Ad Recording Session
  • ABS CBN Dubbing Studio Tour (by invitation of Instructors)
  • Anime Conventions Hosting
  • Real Radio Broadcasting
  • Radio Drama






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