VMagic Non-Surgical Bio-Technology: An Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery

Taiwan skincare product VMagic, which is known for its “Non-Surgical Bio-Technology”, is now in the Philippines, offering an alternative way to cosmetic surgery. It has 4-Dimensional Skin Care — Awake, Activate, Regenerate and Repair – to bring your skin back to its reborn state.

Michael Wang, the founder of VMagic, is a former Chief Editor of Beauty Magazine. After meeting top beauty experts in the beauty media industry, he was motivated to put up his own skincare line. Thanks to collaborations with excellent international laboratories, VMagic has a complex set of exclusive ingredients for long-lasting beauty and youth.

Everyone has unique skin types and needs. As such, VMagic created V YOUTHYSELF, a unique analyzing consultation technique that enables VMagic to understand unique skin needs through the skin’s reaction, and provide skincare products that suit your skin best. VYouthyself is guided by three steps:

1. Know youthyself

Each of us has unique skin conditions that can be caused by different things. That is why VMagic has an analyzing consultation technique that can determine your skin’s specific needs before making recommendations. They have different regimes for different skin concerns: the Pores Refinement Specialist for oily skin), the Spot Specialist for dry skin with pigmentation, the Radiance Specialist for dehydrated skin), the Anti-Aging Expert for aging skin, the Acne and Breakouts Solution for oily skin with acne, and the Sensitive Care.

2. Made for you

VMagic offers products that are individually customized according to one’s skin type and needs. After determining your skin type and concern, they will recommend products that are best suited for you. Their products include serums, toners, gels, creams, ampoules, cleansers, sunscreens, solvers, masks, and body care.


Organic Foaming Cleanser | Php2,269

This invigorating, foaming cleanser with V-Magic’s organic light-infusing complex Witch Hazel and Camellia Sinesis gently purifies skin and melts dulling, potentially discoloring dirt and debris. It protects your skin’s natural moisture balance for an organic healthy complexion.


Nuit Hydrating Pre Serum | Php3,399

A moisture-locking technology that delivers a radiant glow, this serum is ideal for all skin types. It is formulated with key ingredients, which smooth out fine lines to reveal brighter and smooth skin. It continually diffuses moisturizing factors deep within the skin to restore its moisture balance and leave skin feeling “baby soft’.

(See photo gallery of Vmagic Event here.)

3. Stay in Youth

Non-surgical methods provide effective solutions to achieve a youthful look. VMagic’s Fountain of Youth is achieved through nature, technology, and formulation, and they choose the best botanicals, essential oils, and rare fruits and herbs with the utmost care to provide your skin with optimum benefits.

Although VMagic has no physical store in Manila yet, they will be back with more events, so that Filipinos can test their products and see the effectiveness for themselves.


Website: http://www.vmagicshop.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vmagic.tw


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