Visualize An Abundant 2012 with Your Very Own Vision Board!


In behalf of the wheninmanila.com family, I would like to greet you all a Happy New Year!


And because I genuinely want you have a happy year, allow me to share to you one of my tried and tested methods. I really couldn’t exactly put into words how thankful I am with the overflow of blessings which I reaped since I started this positive switch!


In line with my previous article about being grateful for what we have, now, it’s time to ASK and visualize the things which we WANT to materialize!


YES it’s as simple as that! You really just have to ASK!! You don’t even have to know how you will have it…. all we  have to do is ASK and let the universe do its course!


For this year, I made a vision board of the things which I WANT to have. I noticed that most of us often want a house, a car, the latest gadget, a better relationship but the thing is…. there are 2 factors why these wishes of ours don’t happen. First, we easily get demotivated. We easily lose hope (booooo!!). You see my friend, when you allow negative energy to be the dominant vibration in your life, the universe will just mirror it back to you! So what to do? Choose to feel good! Make sure to let that spark of light that is within you  shine! Second, our wishes are usually vague! You have to know what you WANTBe specific with what YOU WANT!



Let me show you my vision board…






1.  Taking photos make me feel so ALIVE so I WANT to upgrade my camera to a Canon Mark II! I also WANT to setup a simple studio in my house for our food photography passion! I’m sure Frank would agree on how taking photos changed our lives for the good! Photography means so much to us so I hope we can have more time to improve our craft! I’m so happy to tell you that I’m slowly setting it up during my free time! You see, when something makes you happy, you will definitely find ways to feed your soul with it!


2.  Though my financial status is fine, I really WANT to close my card and SAVE MORE for a business I WANT to invest in!


3.  To travel for FREE!! yeah I know it sounds crazy but that’s what I WANT!! With the use of our talents, I’m certain that this is  very attainable! hihihiihi


4.  It has been more than 2 years after I suffered my most painful heartache ever and honestly speaking… I’m thankful that it happened! ‘Coz if not, my life will never be as happy, creative and positive as now! I never would have met the wonderful people who are currently in my circle! I’m thankful for the lessons learned so this year, I believe I’m READY to fall in-love again! I know he’s somewhere out there and I’m so eager and WANTING to be with him! I know he’s definitely worth the wait!


5.  Ultimately, at the right time, like every girl, I WANT to settle down and be a mom. I WANT to have kids. A daughter or 2 or 3… and one of them will be named Maggie.  I WANT a simple house and live harmoniously with my husband and kids. I WILL be a wife which my husband will be proud of. It excites me whenever I think about this because I often visualize myself teaching my kids on how to cook and preparing special meals for the whole family. Yes, I’m very much family oriented and I want only the best for them!


I have compiled photos of the things I WANT on this online vision board and made a point to look at them everyday for I know that the more I focus my energies on it, the more it will manifest! I know you may be thinking now like, “What if I don’t get these things?” or “This is  impossible!” —- > If you’re thinking of this right now, then you just hindered yourself from receiving them because of the negative vibes which you have just sent the universe! My advice is just STOP the pessimism (boooo!!)  and just enjoy dreaming about your WANTS! Enjoy it… Savor it… BELIEVE that it’s YOURS!!!


You know what? I don’t really worry if I don’t get exactly these things I’ve listed because most of the time, I GET an UPGRADED VERSION of it which is even more wonderful!! You see, when you focus on happiness and the things which keep you HAPPY and ALIGNED with your SOURCE (we usually call it GOD), there will be no room for any doubts or worries because the universe will provide you with all the good which you need!      


Decide to FEEL GOOD NOW! Live the LIFE which you promised yourselves you’d live may it be when in Manila or anywhere around  the globe!



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Visualize An Abundant 2012 with Your Very Own Vision Board!