Visionwise Eye Clinic: A professional eye clinic and an optical shop in one!

When in Manila, there’s one procedure many people have to undergo whether you be a student, a professional, a dad or a grandma.  I’m sure you’ve heard or been to an annual physical check-up where you get yourself x-rayed, have your teeth checked, and the like.  Let me share with you a necessary add-on to your physical check-up.  That is a Comprehensive Eye Check-up.


Recently, I visited Visionwise Eye Clinic, an eye clinic and optical shop on the third floor of SM Cubao Department Store. Visionwise Eye Clinic offers a convenient blend of an optical shop and a professional eye clinic.


With its modern interior design, Visionwise Eye Clinic may seem like an ordinary high-end optical shop that sells trendy eyeglasses and sunglasses.


Step inside and try out Visionwise Eye Clinic’s comprehensive eye check-up.  From my 26 years of living, I haven’t been to an optical shop that has offered such comprehensive eye check-up.


IMG 1689


Apart from the usual tests, where you look through a machine at the colorful parachute on a green field and where you sit in front of an eye chart with letters that get smaller as you read down each line, Visionwise takes further steps with its Basic Eye Check-up (Php 250) by checking the strength (or weakness) of your eye muscles which you need to know before you become cross-eyed. 

 IMG 1692


Dr. Jon Kho of Visionwise Eye Clinic, who graduated 9th place on the Board of Optometry, will even teach you some exercising techniques to strengthen your eye muscles. Visionwise Eye Clinic basic check-up also compares how each of your eye detects shades of color. Sometimes, this could be the answer to your endless throbbing headache. 

 IMG 1705


Then there’s also the Comprehensive Eye Check-up for only Php500.  I think no other optical shop has ever offered something like this.  


Dr. Jon Kho flashed a bright light to my eyes and scanned my eyes through a microscope.  He meticulously checked for any germ, sickness
or damage in my eyes.   

 IMG 1706


There’s even a monitor to show the details of your eyes.


IMG 1712

 IMG 1724


There were some bumps under my eyelids according to him that could have been caused by make-up. No wonder sometimes my eyes feel dry.  Thanks to Visionwise’s comprehensive eye check-up, now I know!  


So When in Manila, better get your eyes checked at Visionwise Eye Clinic.  Treat yourself to a better vision and healthier eyes.



3rd Floor, SM Cubao Department Store, Araneta Center, Cubao,

Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines

(02) 921 5799