Virtual Office Keeps Your Business Moving Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Everyone is panic buying here and there, and all you hear from friends and family is “Is your company allowing you to work from home?” Companies from all sector – big and small – are affected by the novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China. The global impact is palpable; streets are almost empty. It is as if we were watching a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie.

Financial experts to date foresee the downhill impact until August 2020. For business; it is business, as usual.  How do we do business when we are told to do our part and maintain social distance, though?

vOffice Philippines Inc. is a global instant office solutions provider with over 35 branches across the world and like the experts at the World Health Organization, their answer is to maintain social distance, stay clear from crowded areas, refrain from physical contact, and continue doing your business virtually as much as possible.

To do so, any business owners may simply avail of vOffice’s Virtual Office plan online or by calling them. How a virtual office works traditionally is to minimize one’s cost for a physical space through shared cost. Now, its added feature is what will benefit the public during this crisis. Here’s how:

First of all, minimize physical contact. Direct all of your receivables such as parcels and mails to your virtual office address. Imagine how many hands the man has touched and offices the delivery man has been to, vOffice’s team will take care of dealing with the delivery man.

Interestingly, one of vOffice’s plan, the GOLD+ Virtual Office Plan provides the client landline numbers free at your disposal. This landline number can be used to give to your suppliers or clients, and it shall be attended to by their call answering team. They screen and connect the calls directly to your mobile phone as if you were still in the office. Giving your clients an image of stability and continuity despite the crisis.

Lastly, avoid going to public spaces like coffee shops for your meetings. Conduct them virtually or if it is absolutely necessary, conduct them at vOffice’s meeting room space as their offices are on top of sanitizing the place on the clock. Be sure of the establishments you go to, call them to check how equipped they are before heading out.

In the efforts of protecting its employees and from in compliance with WHO’s guidelines on transmission, some of the country’s already established corporations have opted to use virtual office for the mean time as their business continuity program.

To know more about how they can help your business, please call 63-2-3224-2000 or visit their website at

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