VIRAL: This De Lima Supporter Has A Special Message

During the past few days, when in Manila, the INC rally at EDSA has been the talk of the town. Filipinos all over had varied reactions to the demonstrations but one man stands firm in what he has to say.


Instagram user @cmberba had this to say:

“People of Malate: Conviction. (Backstory: Still amdist the hype of protests and public issues, I found a man standing alone on the corner of Orosa and Faura. This is Mr J. His message is simple, “Do not be afraid. Keep up the good work [DOJ]!” He stands there for several hours, holding up his simple cartolina for people to read. No media coverage. No manufactured placards or tarpaulins. No free food. No loud music. No traffic averted. No loudspeakers or shouting. Just a man and his handwritten sincerity”

Do you agree with the man in the photo?


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