VIRAL: Nursing Student Helps Wounded Man On Street

Let’s help find this kind-hearted nursing student!

Netizen Marvs Rojas posted this photo on Facebook of a nursing student who helped his father, after he was hit by a jeep.

Marvs and his brother were away at the time, with the former who was in Pampanga at the time, while the latter was at work.

According to Marvs, his father was on the way to the market when he was struck by a jeep, and was injured on the head. The nursing student in the photo, who was passing by at the time, did not think twice about helping the man.

His father was brought to the hospital and received stitches.

You can read the post in full below:

Nursing student helps wounded man

Faith in humanity, restored!

Do you know who this nursing student is? Let’s help find her!