VIRAL: Netizen’s (Hilarious) Plead: Stop “Extrajudicial Feelings”

…or in vernacular, “KATARUNGAN PARA SA MGA INIWAN.”

The act of extrajudicial killings is one of the major issues our country is facing at the moment. As a Catholic country, these actions are considered unacceptable, despite being an alleged menace to society.

But, Filipinos aren’t called as one of the happiest people on earth for no reason:

Emerged online today is a creative and hilarious remark about it. But, this time, instead of extrajudicial ‘killings’, he called it: “extrajudicial feelings.”

It totally made my day! While I am aware that Netizens are creative in making memes go viral, this #hugotline shared by Rommel Aguilar Buhay is the most clever one, by far! (At least for me)

extrajudicial feelings

Disclaimer: This story is purely for fun and didn’t mean to offend anyone.  Photo: Rommel’s Facebook account

The image went viral quickly and was shared by several Facebook pages like “Meanwhile in the Philippines.”

Curious about the story behind it, I immediately sent him a message and asked if I could interview him. Thankfully, he happily obliged and here’s a quick Facebook conversation with him:

Me: What made you decide to do that? I must admit, that was a clever remark!

Rommel: Random thoughts… Hahaha. There was a cardboard lying around the office. Then I suddenly remembered the song “Hinahanap-hanap kita” It was just really a weird idea and I asked my teammate to take my picture. Then I woke up yesterday with 436 messages “Boom, trending ka na!”

Interestingly, the caption “Extrajudicial Feelings”is actually the title of his poem he wrote. Here’s an excerpt from it:


Pinatay mo ako.

Iniwang nakahandusay at duguan.

Iginapos at ipinosas mo muna ang damdamin ko, Saka mo dinurog ng walang kalaban-laban.

Nilagyan mo ng busal ang aking bibig.

Tinakpan ng panyong itim ang aking mata.

Di ako makasigaw para humingi ng saklolo Di makita kung saan mo ako dinala.

Inilibing ko na ang duguan kong damdamin.

Pinaglamayan at ihinatid sa huling hantungan.

Kasama ng mga pangako mo Na di ka magtataksil at di mo ako iiwan.

When I asked who’s his inspiration, he just said: “Let’s just say na it’s based on a true story of someone who gave everything and ended up with nothing…” 

Wow, that was deep, brother! Can you top that?

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