VIRAL: Netizen Shares Funny Anecdote of ‘Flying Ipis’ on Train

Riding on trains in Metro Manila is a struggle on its own.

We’ve heard of stories of super long lines just to ride a train or trains stopping mid-way that passengers need to walk on the track.

If you think that is not challenging enough, how about throwing in a “flying ipis” in the mix.


As they say, the macho man is not afraid of anything except the “flying ipis”. Everyone is afraid of the “flying ipis”.

We stumbled upon this story shared by Paulo Vivas on Facebook. He told the story of his experience riding the MRT with another passenger that was not supposed to be there and almost caused a scene — the “flying ipis”.


It got a mix of¬†reactions on the comments. One jokingly said that “Mas matindi pa ito sa¬†Train to Busan”. Another commented that if it landed on them, they would press the emergency button.

How about you? What will you do if you take the MRT and there’s a “flying ipis”?