VIRAL: Ghost Caught on Camera in a School in Baguio?

Facebook fan made page “The Louisian Files” posted this photo on their page sent in anonymously. It shows 3 photos of a classroom and a girl who claims she was taking photos of her shoes in Saint Louis University, Baguio City. The photos were seconds apart. She then noticed that in one photo she saw a figure of what looked like a floating head of a girl with no body.


Direct Quote:


On November 20, in a106, I was taking pictures during our practice for an event. I took two shots: same time (maybe two or three seconds apart), same angle, same phone, same everything, except for the size, because I switched it from regular to square size, which only takes a second. In the first photo, I caught something that looks like a young girl but with no body(?). In the next second when I took the second photo, she disappeared.

You may not believe me, but I did not edit/tamper with this photo in anyway, all I did was compile the pictures into one.

True or not that is one creepy photo!!

What do you think? Have you experienced paranormal activity? Share it to us!

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