Viral Gasoline Station Attendant to Represent PH in Manhunt International

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” But for CJ Querol, his spotlight may be much longer than that. After becoming a viral sensation last May for his good looks while pumping gas at a gasoline station, he is one of the winners of the Misters of Filipinas held earlier this month. He will represent the country in the Singapore-based Manhunt International pageant.

He became viral when a netizen posted his photo on Facebook:

The photo got him widespread attention, including a modeling gig for fashion designer Francis Libiran. He also became a brand ambassador for the gasoline station he has worked for for six years.

He decided to join the world of pageants when he was invited. He told Rappler that he had second thoughts, but joined so that he could end his doubts. He became one of the six winners, along with Miguel Mari Guia, Christopher Dulagan, AR dela Serna, Isaa Janda, and Vincent Jarina. Each winner will represent the Philippines in an international pageant.

Querol will represent the country in next year’s Manhunt International. This year’s representative is Don Mcgyver Cochico, who will compete in the finals next month at Shenzen, China.

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