Viral Cockroach Backpack: Actually an Oversized Toy You Can Buy Online

Eeeeek! I hate bugs… particularly roaches! The thought of them crawling on my skin just gives me goosebumps. In the past 2 days, a photo of what seems to be a giant cockroach backpack has been spreading all over Facebook. The photo just give me the creeps! A big insect like that on my back??….uhm, yeah… no thanks. Can you imagine that thing flying across the room? …yeah…


Cockroach Backpack (01)



So as creepy as it may seem, a lot of people actually want to know where they can find this. Well, sorry to burst your bubble guys, but first of all, this ISN’T a backpack as most assumed. It’s actually just a gigantic toy. On the bright side, if you REALLY wanted this huge cockroach to prank your friends (please don’t prank me), then you can purchase it online through


Cockroach Backpack (02)


The website’s actually got other giant creepy crawlies such as a 68cm praying mantis and 12cm centipede! So if your hell bent on scaring the life out of your friend, then these would be awesome to have lying around a dark corner for them to find.


So, who are you planning to scare soon?