Viral Bus Driver Who Allegedly Hit The Orange Barriers in EDSA Claims He Wasn’t Overspeeding

After being summoned by the Land Transportation and Regulatory Board or LTFRB, the viral Bus driver who smashed the orange barriers in EDSA claimed he wasn’t over speeding, GMA News Online reports.

The driver named Ruel Labin denied that he wasn’t driving recklessly and he was just running 40 to 45 kph at the time of the incident. The owner/operator of the bus didn’t believe him. He was, therefore, suspended for 30 days, while the investigation is ongoing.

Furthermore, the driver also denied that he tried to escape from the incident. In fact, he claimed that he even helped fix the orange barriers.

Bus edsa barrier

The video was uploaded by a concerned netizen, Ian Santos, and was shared to Top Gear Philippines Facebook page.

Obviously, these Water Filled Barriers are a great alternative to traffic flow and control. However, these are generally lightweight and can be easily transported, as well as, moved and connected to each other. Therefore, road authorities must put water in it to give them weight and stability against any deliberate misplacement.

Considering these are “lightweight,” the MMDA authorities should know how to implement or use these barriers accordingly to prevent inconvenience.

On the other hand, the Land Transportation Office or LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador mentioned and is determined to revoke Lubin’s professional driver’s license due to reckless driving – which I think should be done to ALL reckless drivers, including private vehicle owners.

In case you missed the video, watch it below and you’d be the judge:

Do you think LTO MUST start revoking abusive and reckless drivers’ licenses? Also, do you believe the driver’s alleged testimony? Share your thoughts below!