This New Viral Challenge Has People Putting Milk Tea Pearls Up Their Noses

Disclaimer: This article does not intend to encourage or promote the acts detailed here. 

viral boba challenge japan

“Boba Nostrils” is the new trend taking the internet by storm. It apparently started in Japan, which makes sense since they’re yet another Asian country crazy for Milk Tea.

The trend involves people shoving tapioca pearls inside their nostrils and taking a selfie. What’s the challenge? Getting the pearls to stay put and not fall out, of course.

Here is one of the more popular “entries” for this crazy new challenge:

viral boba challenge japan 1

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This challenger is even casually enjoying his drink:

viral boba challenge japan 2

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Admittedly, this one is actually a little kawaii: 

viral boba challenge japan 3

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As popular as the trend may seem, there is just as much confusion (and even anger) over it as there is approval. Several netizens have expressed their opinions that the challenge is “gross” or “unhygienic”. Others have talked about how it is a waste of food, or how playing with food is rude.

Medical professionals have likewise spoken up about it being a health hazard. They advise individuals against taking part in the challenge, largely due to the possibility that the pearls could lead to suffocation.

What do you think about this? 

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