VIRAL BEE-ctures: PUN-ny Doodles of the Most Popular Bee in PH

Going viral on Facebook now is a photo album post of Don Gallantes entitled “BEE-ctures.”

The album contains funny doodles on the Jollibee napkin, transforming the bee into various pun-ny drawing.

Here are the photos showing Jollibee as:

Pika-Bee (Pikachu)

BEE-ctures (5)

Kabi-Bee (Seashell)

BEE-ctures (6)

Ma-Bee-gal (Slow -> Snail)

BEE-ctures (7)

Body Bee-lder (Body builder)

BEE-ctures (10)

Pabe-Bee Wave

BEE-ctures (11)

Bee-ik (Piglet)

BEE-ctures (1)

Bee-lango (Prisoner)

BEE-ctures (2)

Bee-tterfly (Butterfly)

BEE-ctures (3)

Bee-gad (Higad -> Caterpillar)

BEE-ctures (4)

Any other pun-ny Jollibee doodles that you can share?

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