VIRAL: “Ayaw ko maging taxi driver habambuhay”

One hot day, Facebook user Eugene Lalaan got on a cab on his way to work. Gener Jarito, his cab driver, spoke of how he was not able to finish his schooling and told Lalaan of his dreams to finish studying.

His Facebook post on the conversation is a touching account of the talk they had.

taxi-2 taxi-3

Screenshot from Eugene Lalaan’s Facebook page


“Hindi lang pala nagpapaikot ikot sa kalye si kuya Gener araw araw, may direksiyon pala siya,” Lalaan writes.

Encounters like these leave me inspired– it show’s man’s strength to persevere even in very difficult situations. Gener Jarito will continue to give hope & Eugene Lalaan paints us a beautiful picture of today’s harsh realities and one man’s persistence. I hope people could share more stories like this on social media.