VIRAL: 14 Year Old Boy Works So He Can Afford His First Date with Girlfriend

VIRAL 14 Year Old Boy Works So He Can Afford His First Date with Girlfriend

It’s easy to dismiss teenagers as lazy and entitled. Of course, this is an unfair assumption as there are still those who know the value of hard work.

Take for example Cody Mitschelin, a 14 year old boy who mows lawns in California so he can afford his first date with his girlfriend.

The story was shared by Ryan Cox, a customer. He said on Facebook:

This 14 year old boy came by the house with a lawnmower wanting to mow our lawn for $5. Well…me being a hustler I had to ask this kid why you mowing lawns? He replied with… “I’d like to take my girlfriend to lunch tomorrow and I don’t have enough money.” So we’ve been going door to door getting him business and he busted his ass mowing lawns and sweeping sidewalks and made enough to take her to lunch and get her flowers. I’m so happy this still exists… Hope is still alive for the future generation and our sons and daughters. I’m impressed by whoever is raising this boy, great job!!! Thanks to you guys that also noticed and pitched in on the cause to building our future men!

As of┬áposting, Cox’s post was shared more than 95,000 times. It went┬áso viral that the restaurant where Mitschelin and his girlfriend Audrey dined at offered them a complimentary meal.

Strangers from as far as Vietnam and New Zealand also offered Cody relationship advice and job offers.

Cody and Audrey have been dating for six months, but Cody said they spend time doing small activities.┬áDuring their first real date, he got her a hand-picked bouquet of flowers, and customers at Safari Pizza went “aww” when they sat down.

Since their meal was free, Cody was able to take Audrey to two more dates. He is now considering getting a truck and starting a lawn mowing business.

And the most important aspect? Audrey was impressed. She told KCRA, a local TV station, “He’s a keeper.”

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