VIDEO: Weird Ingredients of Some of Our Favorite Processed Foods

“You are what you eat.”

– Says every health advocate out there. Well, I also tried to watch my weight and food intake for awhile.

However, ever since I became a mom, my health routine went out the window! I can no longer stick to my then healthy schedule.

Consequently, I go for fast food (hello, delivery hotline!) and/or easy to cook processed foods like hot dogs, ham, (all-time favorite) spam, bacon, just to name a few.

In fact, the World Health Organization declared that our breakfast buddy, Bacon, is apparently, carcinogenic. Do you agree?

Interestingly, there’s a viral video spreading like wildfire on the internet: a video showing all the harmful ingredients found in our favorite processed foods.

BI processed

We love Doritos. And even if the video mentioned it has Malic Acid, which is commonly found in anti-aging cream, it’s okay with us! 🙂

Furthermore, Business Insider shared that one of the ingredients found in Twinkies has “beef fat.”

Business Insider Processed food video

Yes, beef fat. Now, I’m wondering what is beef fat got to do with the delicious Twinkies?

To find out more weird ingredients found in other processed foods, watch Business Insider’s informative video below:

Source: Business Insider Facebook and YouTube

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