VIDEO: Man Who Cursed and Allegedly Punched a Lady Passenger in Quezon City Has Gone Viral!

As we always say, “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” While this may be true, I am certain this video will make you think otherwise.

A terrifying footage of a man, who yelled and allegedly hurt a lady passenger has emerged in social media. The video was uploaded by Soy Gonzales and the netizens were quick to share it.

Unfortunately, this man knows nothing about respect and kindness. Gonzales took to Facebook her disappointment and shared a 3-part video series of what happened between two FX passengers in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Arrogant male passenger yells out a lady in nova

This is apparently the man who verbally abused and allegedly punched the lady passenger. (Screenshot from the video uploaded by Soy Gonzales)

According to Soy, the incident happened inside an FX (a term for a public utility van in the Philippines) traveling to Olympus (Novaliches) when the man yelled at the lady saying: “umusog ka” (move back). As per Soy’s memory, the lady’s name was “Joana Balen.” Joana sat near the door so she can conveniently get off the van. However, the guy, who has been identified by one of the commenters as, Mike Musni Arellano, wanted her seat instead. He then started cursing at her.

Here’s the full caption to videos 1, 2, and 3:

Kanina po habang nasa fx byaheng almar po.. May mag asawang sumakay sa nova stop… Pag bukas palang ng pinto nagulat na kmi kc cnigawan nya (lalaki) na agad un babae (studyante po yata) na nasa video 3.. Tumabi po kc sa gilid ng pintuan un gurl kc nga po malapit na n bababaan nya… Ang sabi ng lalaki “ay ayaw nya tlga umusog o… Papahirapan mo pa tlga kmi e… (Pagalit na kla mo magkakilala cla)
Sumagot un studyante “mapait na po kc akobg bumaba sa olympus lng po ako..” Galit na nmaan ang reply nun lalaki.. “E olympus dn lang kmi e… Papahirapan mo pa kmi..”pero nakaupo na silang mag asawa nun… Un asawa na nasa tabi ng gurl sa likuran sya nmn tumabi saamin.. At dakdak pa rn n lalaki…
Tapos nun mga ilan minuto nag usap na cla ng asawa nya… Pero parang may parinig na sinabi un laaki kya sumagot ulit un studyante.. Dun nanyari un video1 na to…

(Rough Translation: There was a couple who took the fx from Nova stop traveling to Almar. When the door opened, everyone was shocked when the guy yelled at the lady in the video 3. The lady sat near the door since she will get off soon. The guy said: “you’re making it more inconvenient for us!” We will get off at the same place, anyway! After which, it looked like the couple was talking about the lady and the lady answered back. That’s the story behind the video 1…)

Sa video 2.. Pababa n po clang mag asawa… Bago po bumaba ng lalaki sinuntok nya po un studyante buti n lng sa balikat lng po ito natamaan… At pinagmumura na un studyante… Malaki raw kc problema n kua… Haaaayyyssss (When they were already getting off the van, the man punched the student. Good thing the punch landed in the shoulder and cursed her still. According to the guy, he has a big problem)

Video 3… Natroma n tuloy c ate… Grabe iyak nya tanung nya samin kbg may nagawa b syang kasalanan kya un… Pilit ko sya kinocomfort… Joana balen yata name nya d ko kc matandaan tinanubg ko sya bgo sya bumaba…. Kkaawa tlga sya… (The lady was traumatized and was crying hard. She asked if she did something wrong for her to experience that. I was comforting her. I think her name was Joana Balen. I don’t remember anymore. I asked her before she got off. I pity her.)

Kay kua n malaki ang problema… Wag kbg mandamay parang gusto mong pumatay dhl sa problema mo e… Wag ganun… Kawawa nmn c joana… Panu kbg anak mo ganyanin ng ibng tao… Wag sisiga siga… (To kuya (term for elder man) with big problems, don’t blame it on others. You look like you want to kill someone just because of your problem. What if that happens to your child? Don’t act like a thug).

Pakishare para matulubgan ntn c Joana… Bumaba si joana sa may bernardino ospital… (Please share so we can help Joana. She got off somewhere Bernardino Hospital)

WARNING: This video contains actions and words, which are unsuitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.
Video 1 – scene where the altercation started

Video by: Soy Gonzales

Video 2- the main scene where the guy yelled at the top of his lungs and repeatedly said, he has a big problem.

Video 3 – scene where the lady was crying

A friendly reminder to everyone: if you experienced an incident like this, please go to the nearest police station and seek further assistance. Even though the post is viral, it will also expedite the action if you file a proper complaint or a police report.

According to Sir Jaime Osit or popularly known as the policeman who feeds stray dogs and cats, and the person behind the moving project, “Pugay kay Nanay,” said that someone has to call 117 or go to the nearest women’s helpdesk. Otherwise, every lady MUST bring a pepper spray (OC gas) to defend themselves.

Still, I hope this horrible incident gets fixed ASAP!

With all honesty, how would you react in the said situation? 


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